The Best Partial Hospitalization Treatment Program Around Charlotte & Lancaster

Rebound Behavioral Health is pleased to offer a leading partial hospitalization program for men and women struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. Serving the greater Charlotte and Lancaster area, Rebound provides the tools needed to find lasting recovery.

What is PHP?

As one of the leading mental health and substance abuse treatment programs near Charlotte and Lancaster, our goal is to provide the type and level of care that will best meet the specific needs of each person who heals with us.

As a person has completed inpatient treatment, he or she may benefit from intensive step-down support in order to facilitate a successful transition out of care. In other cases, a person’s needs do not rise to the level for which inpatient programming is necessary.

For adults in either of these situations, the solutions that they have been searching for may be provided via our partial hospitalization program (PHP).

PHP Eligibility Criteria

The Rebound Behavioral Health PHP has been specially designed to help adult men and women, ages 18 and above, who have either completed or do not need inpatient treatment, but who require a more intensive level of care than can be provided via traditional community-based outpatient programs.

As is also the case with our adult inpatient program, PHP provides focused care for adults who have been struggling with a substance use disorder or a mental health disorder, as well as those who have received a dual diagnosis. Prior to entering PHP, an individual must have completed a detox program, or otherwise weaned him or herself from any substances that he or she had been abusing.

Also, in order to be admitted into PHP at Rebound Behavioral Health, an adult must be psychiatrically stable and not be experiencing any significant intellectual or cognitive delays that would preclude him or her from fully engaging in and benefiting from the various therapeutic activities that are included in the program.

About Onsite Lodging

Unlike the round-the-clock care that is integral to our inpatient programming, PHP care is offered only for part of the day. Given this flexibility, some participants return home at the end of each treatment day. However, we realize that factors like the distance that some individuals live from our center, or the inability to access regular and reliable transportation can make it difficult for individuals who would otherwise be prime candidates for PHP services.

For this reason, we are proud to offer an onsite lodging option at our treatment center near Charlotte and Lancaster for men and women who are enrolled in PHP at Rebound Behavioral Health. PHP participants who choose to do so may live in apartment-style residences on our campus throughout their time in PHP. For potential PHP participants who prefer to live onsite, we are happy to offer a lodging option that can add an element of convenience, increase peace of mind, and improve the overall treatment experience.

Treatment Techniques

Personalized care is a hallmark of all treatment services at Rebound Behavioral Health, including PHP. Depending upon an individual’s needs and goals, the following elements may be incorporated into his or her individualized PHP treatment plan:

Medication management: All individuals who enter PHP with us will complete a psychiatric assessment and will have the opportunity to meet with a psychiatrist every seven days. If this assessment or any follow-on meetings indicate that certain medications may be called for in order to ease or alleviate symptoms, such medications may be included in the individuals’ care plan. In such instances, our nursing staff will secure the medication, but the individual will self-dispense the medication.

Group therapy: Groups are the main environment in which treatment is provided in PHP. Under the direction of an experienced professional, groups provide an excellent opportunity for PHP participants to learn from the experiences of others, share their thoughts, practice healthy interpersonal communication skills, and learn about topics that will be important to their ongoing recovery. Men and women who participate in PHP at Rebound Behavioral Health will take part in multiple groups every day, Mondays through Saturdays. While the specific content of any group will depend upon the contributions of all participants, common topics that are often addressed in groups include, but are not limited to, theories of addiction, relapse prevention, relaxation and recreation skills, positive affirmations, self-esteem, cognitive distortions, crisis intervention, and stages of grief.

Individual therapy: Individuals in PHP at Rebound Behavioral Health may have the opportunity to participate in individual therapy sessions with an experienced professional on an as-needed basis. Individual therapy sessions are not part of the regular treatment schedule, but may be arranged when desired and clinically appropriate.

Family therapy: As is the case with individual therapy, family therapy sessions for PHP participants may be scheduled according to the wishes of the participant and the determination by members of his or her treatment team that such sessions will be beneficial. Family therapy sessions within PHP are typically conducted by a licensed master social worker (LMSW) or a licensed professional counselor (LPC). Given our understanding of the many ways that family members can be impacted by their loved one’s struggles, as well as the important role that family and friends can play in the ongoing recovery process, we recommend that men and women in PHP participate in at least one family therapy session during their time in the program.

Discharge planning: At Rebound Behavioral Health, we are confident that PHP can be an essential step for some men and women who are in the process of recovering from a substance use disorder and/or a mental health disorder. We also understand that PHP is far from the only step in the healing process. For that reason, we place significant emphasis on developing thorough discharge plans for each person who completes PHP. By the time a person’s time in PHP has come to an end, he or she will leave with a comprehensive plan that will support his or her efforts to maintain and build upon the progress that he or she made while in treatment with us.

Get More Information

For more information about PHP services and our treatment programs serving Charlotte and Lancaster, or for answers to any questions that you may have about any aspect of our programming, we encourage you to reach out to us at your earliest convenience. A friendly and knowledgeable member of our staff is available to speak to you by phone at (803) 810-0995, seven days per week, 24 hours a day, to help you determine if Rebound Behavioral Health is the perfect place for you or your loved one.