Professional Referrals

At Rebound Behavioral Health, we recognize the sensitive nature that surrounds the decision to receive treatment for behavioral health concerns and substance abuse problems. Beginning with our admissions team, we remain steadfast in our dedication to making the process as comfortable as it possibly can be; providing the highest level of inpatient and outpatient care for individuals in the greater Charlotte and Lancaster area.

Types of Referrals

Rebound Behavioral Health is proud to accept both voluntary and involuntary direct admissions from a wide array of community resources. After making a referral to our admissions department, our intake team will ask for your preferences for ongoing communication of the client’s progress and up-to-date information regarding his or her care after discharge.

Involuntary Admissions

Our intake staff is ready anytime, day or night, to prescreen direct involuntary admission referrals, consult with our in-house physicians, and verify insurance benefits. Referrals can be arranged 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling (803) 810-0995.

Voluntary Admissions

There are a number of ways that voluntary admissions to Rebound Behavioral Health can be arranged. The agency referring a client can call and consult directly with one of the mental health professionals in our admissions department. After obtaining all needed information, we will take the information to our in-house physician to determine the best, most appropriate level of care for the client. After consultation and acceptance into our program, we will secure the client a bed, obtain all assessment information in order to develop a treatment plan, and get the patient started on the path to recovery.

Another option is to have the client call our admissions department directly and schedule an appointment with one of our intake specialists for a free, confidential assessment. This assessment will allow us to determine the best course of treatment that will meet all of the client’s needs – mind, body, and spirit.

Clients can walk directly into Rebound Behavioral Health for a free, confidential assessment at any time. We always have staff ready to perform assessments and determine the best course of action for each client who comes to us for help. We take the input of each client very seriously and will treat each person who comes to us with the dignity and respect he or she deserves.