The Best Intensive Outpatient Program Around Charlotte in Lancaster

Rebound Behavioral Health is pleased to offer a leading intensive outpatient program for men and women struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. Serving the greater Charlotte and Lancaster area, Rebound provides the tools needed to find lasting recovery.

Our Program Philosophy

As one of the leading mental health and substance abuse treatment programs near Charlotte in Lancaster, we know that every client we meet is unique. The intensive outpatient program (IOP) at Rebound Behavioral Health is designed to address substance abuse, mental health disorders, and co-occurring concerns. We know that both addiction and mental health disorders are chronic, life-long, relapsing conditions that require individualized treatment plans and ongoing support. Rebound understands that the decision to enter treatment is far from easy and we know that you may feel anxiety in taking this step. Rest assured that Rebound will be here to support you and guide you through every step of your journey.

IOP Program Benefits

Generally, co-occurring disorders may be a result of the primary disorder. While many people turn to drugs or alcohol to self-medicate the symptoms of mental health disorder, this can progress from psychological dependence to physical dependence and addiction quite easily. On the other hand, chronic drug or alcohol use changes the structure and functioning of the brain and can trigger a dormant psychiatric illness. Regardless of whether substance abuse or the mental health disorder develops first, it will be nearly impossible to create lasting change until both disorders are diagnosed, treated, and managed over time. Clients who will benefit from our IOP program are:

  • Clients motivated to work toward their own recovery
  • Clients who require intensive education about how to manage their symptoms
  • Clients who would like to resolve family concerns and any legal obligations


Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) near Charlotte, in Lancaster, serves as a step-up from traditional outpatient therapy programs or as a step-down from inpatient programs. As we understand how important it is to be able to continue to function in your daily life and meet your responsibilities, our IOP program meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 5:30 PM until 8:30 PM and lasts up to 12 weeks, which allows you to focus on reintegrating back into your community and life during the morning and afternoon. Most days, our IOP combines educational sessions and group therapy. The typical duration of IOP is between six and eight weeks.

Treatment Therapies

Rebound Behavioral Health’s intensive outpatient program in Lancaster, near Charlotte, offers the following services:

  • 12-Step programs such as A.A. and N.A.
  • Comprehensive psychiatric assessments
  • Comprehensive drug and alcohol use assessments
  • Group therapy and counseling
  • Individual counseling
  • Treatment planning
  • Random, frequent urine drug tests