Rebound Staff

At Rebound Behavioral Health, we are proud to provide clinically sophisticated treatment plans that incorporate a wide range of intensive, personalized services to ensure that individuals in crisis have the help and support that they need in order to achieve stabilization and begin the process of long-term healing.

When you or someone you love enters treatment at Rebound Behavioral Health, you will have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with experienced specialists whose skills are surpassed only by their commitment to superior service in an atmosphere of dignity and respect. Depending upon your needs and goals, your treatment team may include a medical doctor, board-certified psychiatrist, registered nurses, psychiatric nurse practitioners, licensed social workers, licensed professional counselors, recreational therapists, and a range of mental health technicians.

As with all elements of our programming at Rebound Behavioral Health, the professionals who are assigned to you will be selected based upon their ability to meet your needs and help you to achieve, and hopefully, exceed your short and long-term objectives. For specific information about the breadth and depth of our professionals’ qualifications, or to learn more about how you can work with this exceptional team, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.