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Rebound Behavioral Health Hospital helps adults struggling with addiction and mental health disorders build a strong foundation for long-term stability. Serving greater Charlotte and Lancaster, Rebound is a trusted mental health treatment center for adults in South Carolina.

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Learn More About Co-Occurring Disorders and Treatment at Rebound Behavioral Health in South Carolina

Many people who are struggling with mental illness struggle with more than one mental disorder, called co-occurring disorders or dual-diagnosis. Most commonly, people who are struggling with co-occurring disorders are struggling with a mental health disorder and a substance abuse disorder, as a good number of individuals use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate the symptoms of a mental illness. This can, in turn, lead to exacerbation of mental health symptoms which can make the treatment process more complicated. It can be a challenge for practitioners to diagnose co-occurring disorders as many of the symptoms of these various disorders can mimic or mask the other. Other people may struggle with co-occurring mental health disorders, which occurs when more than one mental health disorder exists at the same time.

Why Consider Treatment

Why Consider Inpatient Treatment for Dual Diagnosis at Rebound Behavioral Health in South Carolina

As the leading mental health and substance abuse treatment center around Charlotte and Lancaster, we have the ability to treat men and women ages 18 and older who are struggling with both mental health disorders and substance abuse problems. Additionally, we have the ability to treat those who are coming to us facing the challenges of more than one mental health disorder. When clients first arrive at our treatment center, they will complete a thorough assessment which will help us determine if more than one disorder is present or if an individual also has substance abuse problems. In order for an individual to fully recover, he or she must receive treatment for each disorder simultaneously. Treatment options for co-occurring disorders will include medication management and a wide variety of therapeutic interventions all designed to help the patient get back to their highest level of functioning.