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Alcoholics Anonymous and Continuing Care Group for Lancaster, South Carolina

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Misuse and Abuse of Prescription Drugs Rise in Lancaster

During your stay at Rebound Behavioral Health Hospital, you learn about the 12-Step philosophy for treating addiction. You also learn how to apply the Steps to your own recovery so that you can achieve lasting sobriety. Regardless of whether you participate in our inpatient or outpatient treatment, this approach to treating addiction is something we hope you benefit from during your time with us.

In addition to helping you learn and apply the 12-Steps, we feel it is equally beneficial for you to follow-up your treatment by participating in 12-Step support groups. These sorts of groups allow you to continue working the Steps and can give you the support you need to live a substance-free lifestyle. Reliant on your recovery needs, we may recommend you to attend one of the following groups after you have discharged from our Lancaster, South Carolina hospital:

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Many men and women in recovery from an alcohol addiction attribute their recovery success to Alcoholics Anonymous. Better known as AA, this alcohol abuse support group has been around for years and has helped numerous individuals stick to their sobriety in a lasting way. AA groups are member-led, and include people from all walks of life. Additionally, these meetings allow members to support one another and share their stories of struggling with alcoholism in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Because AA meetings can further your recovery, we at Rebound Behavioral Health Hospital may encourage you to become a member of this kind of group.

If you are in Charlotte, South Carolina or near the Lancaster area, the following link can direct you to an Alcoholics Anonymous group close to your home:

Click here to locate AA meetings in Charlotte or near Lancaster, South Carolina

Additionally, if you reside in Lancaster or near Charlotte, South Carolina, the following link can connect you with nearby AA meeting locations:

Click here to find additional AA meetings in Lancaster and close to Charlotte, South Carolina

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

If you are recovering from a drug addiction, Narcotics Anonymous groups can help you hold true to your sober commitment. These narcotics abuse support groups are grounded in the 12-Steps like AA, though their focus is on helping people recover from drug addiction. So, if you are working on living a drug-free life, NA groups can provide valuable assistance. You can share your experiences with addiction and recovery, benefit from peer support, and learn beneficial ways to avoid relapse.

Should you be interested in becoming a member of a Narcotics Anonymous support group in Charlotte, Lancaster, or another city in South or North Carolina, click the link below to find a location not far from where you live:

Click here to find an NA meeting in Charlotte, Lancaster, or another city in South or North Carolina

Rebound Behavioral Health Hospital is committed to helping you become sober. When you come to our Lancaster, South Carolina hospital, you can rest assured that you will have the resources needed to leave your addiction in the past. To learn more about our detox services, inpatient care, or outpatient treatment, call or come to our hospital today. Let us help you achieve the sober life you seek.